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Thread: Stock swapping, MKII TR, MKII FV-SR and a Boyd's Tacticool for three

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    Stock swapping, MKII TR, MKII FV-SR and a Boyd's Tacticool for three

    Posted previously regarding my purchase of a new MKII TR with Dick's Digital Desert stock.

    Tonight I decided to do some parts swapping and thought I'd share some pics and thoughts. Started with:

    • MKII FV-SR in tupperstock
    • MKII TR in Dick's Digital Desert (TactiCool) stock
    • Boyd's TactiCool stock (originally intended for FV-SR)
    • 1 set of DIP Trigger guard and Bottom Metal (for said Boyd stock)

    I had made up my mind to do some 'stock swapping', taking the Digital Desert stock that came with the MKII TR and put it on my FV-SR and put the Boyd's TactiCool that I had originally intended for the FV-SR on the TR instead.

    The massacre...oh the humanity:

    Noticed once I had everything apart that the Boyd's TactiCool (Black) had an extra bit of comb that the Digital Desert stock (made by Boyds for Savage) was missing. Interesting that they make that little bit of differentiation from the OE stocks.

    Bottom Metal Comparison (aka "The Skinny on The Skinny"):

    I'm sure someone has posted the difference before, but in case you've never seen it there is a huge difference in the near paper-thin bottom metal that came on the TR vs. the bottom metal I purchased from DIP (and thank you DIP Inc. for tracking down my missing package and getting it sent to me!). As a point of curiosity, before I took out the bolt on the FV-SR and TR I set my fatwrech to 10 inch-lbs and 'tried' tried to tighten the bolts on both. Let just say the bolts on the FV went almost a full revolution before they 'popped' the torque setting for 10 inch-pounds. Sadly, both of the bolts on the TR also moved a bit (less than the FV), but still moved before popping the torque setting. That's awful low from the factory, isn't it?

    When I was putting the TR back together with the OE bottom metal, I got to just shy of 15 inch-lbs and the metal started to bend...badly. I'll definitely be ordering another bottom metal from DIP for the 'restocked' TR, since I used the DIP part on the FV-SR. Also installed the DIP trigger guard on the FV-SR.

    Tightened the bolts on the 'new' DIP metal down to 20 inch-lbs to start. We'll see how that fairs and adjust from there. Crossing my fingers as I was already very pleased with how it shot at 100 yards...before the stock change out.

    New partners all around:

    Hey, you can see my toes

    FV-SR with the TR Digital Desert Stock in place:

    Including the Harris Bi-Pod that has been sitting around waiting for the 'other' Boyd's stock to arrive. plans change :D

    Two guns, two stocks, partner swapping, and a canoe paddle:

    Just because the tupperstock is just about the right size for an emergency canoe paddle (or an emergency folding table leg, etc.). Oy, that TR looks so much bigger than its little brother now. Sadly, it must wait for its base and rings to arrive for its matching scope to be mounted.

    Anyway, just a bit of fun for the night. Must make sure to sneak out of the house before the family awakens in the morning to see how the re-stocked FV-SR shoots with its new stock.

    Yes, I posted the same info over at RFC, but some folks here may not visit there, and vice-versa.

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    Re: Stock swapping, MKII TR, MKII FV-SR and a Boyd's Tacticool for three

    Range results from this morning:

    Pre-stock change:
    • 100 yard zero - 84F - No wind - ~2300' elevation
    • FV-SR Tupperstock
    • Millett TRS-1 4-16X30 - Set @10X - mil/mil
    • Rock Jr front base - Small Caldwell rear bag
    • Folding 'shooting table' (rickety, but better than freehand)
    • Wolf Match Target and Federal Automatch

    @100 yards:
    0.87" Best 5-shot group
    1.42" AVG 5-shot group

    @50 yards:
    0.64" Best 5-shot group
    0.88" AVG 5-shot group

    After-stock change:
    • 100 yard zero - 57F - wind from 10 o'clock variable 5-15mph (more towards 15mph at end of session (see notes below) - ~2300' elevation
    • Digital Desert 'TactiCool' pulled from MKII-TR
    • DIP Bottom metal and trigger guard (final torque specs at 30" lbs-see notes)
    • Millett TRS-1 4-16X30 - Set @10X - mil/mil
    • Rock Jr front base - Small Caldwell rear bag
    • Folding 'shooting table' (rickety, but better than freehand)
    • Wolf Match Target and Federal Automatch

    @100 yards:
    1.63" Best 5-shot group
    2.31" AVG 5-shot group
    (Yeah, WTH?)

    @50 yards:
    0.36" Best 5-shot group
    0.64" AVG 5-shot group

    Knowing my first shots would be off from the original zero, I still placed a 100yard target just to see how 'off' it would be. Three 5-shot groups downrange with the base torque set at 20"lbs and rounds were all in the 8" target, but all over the place (had about 5MPH crosswind from 10 o'clock direction at this point).

    Tightened up the torque to 25"lbs, group tightened up, again to 30"lbs and group tightened up again, but wind was now about 10mph, variable and rising, so I brought the target back in to 50 yards (exact 2MIL low hold at that range for my setup at 10X).

    Adjusted 0.3 mil left for wind, and started again at 50 yards:

    Now things were interesting. Groups were a good improvement over the tupperstock (see numbers, above). Consistently over 10 5-shot groups, the grouping was measurably better than they had been with with the tupperstock. Noticed that after every 2 5-shot groups that there was measurable loosening in the receiver bolt and front trigger guard bolt in that they would back out a bit and needed to be re-torqued back to 30"lbs.

    Deciding to give it another whirl, I put the target back out at 100yards, but was still getting consistently worse groups than with the tupperstock (wind now up to 10-15mph variable from 10 o'clock direction). I'm going to have to take it back out on a still day for a good comparison.

    Final 50 yard 5-shot group (2nd best of the day ~0.40):

    One final item:

    One thing that did improve and I am not sure how, was the 'first shot flyers' that I was getting previously. At my prior range sessions, my first shot from the magazine was always a 'flyer' usually 1 to 1.5" high and .5" left. All other rounds grouped fine, but every first round, zing! I've read others have had this issue and just lived with it.

    Today, however, almost nothing. Looking from group to group, the first shot averaged a bit high and left, but nearly gone. Other than the stock change, I can't explain it. It simply was almost gone. I'm certainly not going to complain, just weird.

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