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Thread: Savage 30-30 model 840

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    Savage 30-30 model 840

    I have a 30-30 with Springfield and Savage arms stamped, out of westfield, Mass.
    Besides very minor stock scratches the gun is gorgeous and in excellent condition.

    What I need to know is the value and age, I have searched sources and none are very conclusive so I thought I'd try here.

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    Re: Savage 30-30 model 840

    without more info - 1950's to 70's, $300 or so.

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    Re: Savage 30-30 model 840

    What kind of extra info? thats as much information their is short the serial number

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    Re: Savage 30-30 model 840

    Without serial number and other markings - that is as close as you can get on the date.

    Without pictures - that is as close as you can get on value.

    $300-$325 is top end of value range for those, any mods, wear, damage brings them down from there.

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    Re: Savage 30-30 model 840

    325$ top? Alrighty thanks for the info, appreciate it

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    Re: Savage 30-30 model 840

    Yep and you may have to sit on it a while to move it at that price range. With hunting season comming up though you might be able to move it.

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