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Thread: Red dot on 22 mag?

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    Red dot on 22 mag?

    I bought a 93 f in 22 mag and didn't realize the rear sight would be in the way of my scope(40mm)so I took a red dot off a pistol I have.I was just wondering if any of you are using red dot sights on your 22 mag 17 hmr rifles.I'm going to give it a try this weekend until I can get taller rings or find a scope with a smaller objective.I only bought the gun because my friends son ask me to take him shooting for his bday and that is this weekend and i have no time to run around chasing parts.So is this going to work or should i just shoot it with iron sights.

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    Re: Red dot on 22 mag?

    As long as you have a mount for it, it should work fine. A larger MOA dot will make longer-range shots a bit funky (due to the sheer size of the dot), but I use a low-MOA red dot on my S&W M&P-15/22 as its standard sight and love it for 50 yards and less. 100 yards works okay, but the dot pretty much obscures much of a 6" target at that range. Friends who are not regular shooters love using the red dot on my M&P-15/22 over the magified optics on my MKII FV-SR. Perhaps your friend's son may be the same?

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    Re: Red dot on 22 mag?

    If you intend to shoot to the potential of your .22 Mag. A red dot just isn't gonna get it. You'll need a scope.

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    Re: Red dot on 22 mag?

    I do believe that the rear sight is just dovetailed in and can be popped out with a plastic hammer. Thats the way it was on my Mark II-F so since the 93F is basically the same but in 22 Mag I would say it should be the same.


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