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    Published on 07-18-2012 12:01 PM
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    Left to right:  Hornady 140gr. A-Max, Lapua 139gr. Scenar,
Sierra 142gr. MatchKing, and Lapua 155gr. Mega

    While putting together our 2005 project rifles, a lot of thought was given to the individual components to be used in the test. While both rifles would be shooting a total of three thousand rounds, care had to be used in selecting a bullet and speed to make sure that both barrels would have consistent results. Many bullet manufacturers were considered, but only a few made the short list.

    The short list, as it were, consisted of Hornady's A-Max, Sierras Match King and Lapua's Scenar. Those three were chosen for various reasons, some of which were the inherent quality of the bullets, the long bearing surface and subsequently high ballistic coefficients, and the boat tail design. The rifles were to be used primarily as long distance rifles, so these factors were ...
    Published on 01-01-2008 11:24 AM
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    Recently I had reviewed the Savage Model 12 FTR in .308 Winchester. As with any rifle that we review, we need to test them with a variety of good quality ammo. To do this I decided to handload all the rounds that this rifle would use and selected bullets from Sierra, Lapua, Nosler, Hornady and Berger.

    I contacted Eric Stecker at Berger Bullets about what we were doing and he was generous enough to offer to send some bullets for the trial. We were also interested in seeing how an older Savage rifle with a high round count would also perform with the same bullets. He sent a box of Berger Match VLD in 155gr and a box in 168gr. I had already acquired the other bullets ...

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