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    Suppose you're a newcomer in the arms-making industry - an upstart battling giants that have devoured small competitors. Suppose you've invented an amazing rifle - but no one knows about it. And suppose the rugged men of the American frontier won't even try your rifle because they figure the caliber is too small to slap down a grizzly or an elk. What do you do? You prove that your gun can stop a whale! It's as simple as that. . . if the year is 1900 and if you're as brilliant as Arthur Savage.
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    When it comes to custom rifles it seems everyone has their own idea of exactly what a custom is. Some think changing something as simple as the bolt handle or trigger on an otherwise stock gun makes it a custom. Others feel that at minimum a “custom” has to have at least an aftermarket barrel or stock to warrant the title. Still others feel that to truly be a custom everything except the action itself has to be aftermarket. And last but not least are those who feel that the true definition of a custom means building a rifle completely from scratch using a “custom” aftermarket ...
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    Lately there have been a few threads asking about identifying the new or old MKII and 93 actions. Savage used to make two different receivers/actions. One for the MKII (.22lr or .17hm2) and one for the 93 series guns (.22mag or .17hmr). Sometime in the past year or so Savage started making the "E-Receiver". The e-receiver is now used for all of the 4 common rimfire calibers. Here are some pictures that show the past and present guns.

    The top gun is an old style MKII F in .22lr. The bottom gun is an e-receiver MKII F in .22lr. Some of the changes are:
    *The e-receiver is 7 3/4" long vs 7 1/8" for the old MKII and 93 receivers.
    *The ejection port is roughly 1.66" long on the e-receiver vs. 1.39" long for the old MKII receiver. The old 93 receivers had a 1.6" long ejection port.
    *The e-receiver has a gas escape hole on either side, just forward of the bolt. The old MKII receivers did not have this hole but the ...
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    2003 - Savage introduced their new ACCU-TRIGGER. Besides the trigger change, the receiver now has a round top in the rear scope base area which uses the same base in the rear as in the front. The Weaver #46 base will fit both ends as well as the #402 extension base if you have a need for mounting extremely long or short tube scopes.
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    Here are some of the different bolt head configurations used in the last several years and the most current.

    L to R
    short action (7/16" lugs)
    short action
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    The following measurements depict the various screw spacing on Savage 110 centerfire actions over the years. All measurements are center-to-center.
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    Savage Barrel Shank Sizes - standard on left, large on right.

    In 2002 Savage began offering rifles in the Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) and Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) calibers. When these were finally in the catalog, there was a change made to the barrel shank diameter. Standard barrel shank diameter on standard calibers are 1.055" x 20tpi. On the new WSM, RUM, and SAUM calibers the shank diameter is 1.120" x 20tpi. ...
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    The biggest news from Savage for 2007 is the all new Target AccuTrigger which is available on select Target models and is adjustable from 6-oz. to 2.5-lbs. Other notable new items include the Model 12 F-Class Target Rifle, the Model 12 F/TR Target Rifle, four different Target Actions, the Mark II-Classic and the 93R17 Classic. ...
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    Below you will find the supplimental Savage Milano Catalog in PDF format which contains all the details and information pertaining to the Savage Milano Over/Under shotguns. New for 2006, the Milano O/U shotguns are produced by F.A.I.R. (Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini) in the Brescia Valley of northern Italy. ...
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    2005 proved to be a big year for Savage as it marked the launch of the center-feed magazine system in select models. This was also the year the Model 14/114 American Classic was introduced, as well as the Model 210FT Turkey Gun, the Model 40 Varmint Hunter, and the Mark II-FVT with peep sights. 2005 also marked the introduction of the Stevens 200 and the .17 Hornady Mach 2 rimfire cartridge.
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