• BulzEyePro Optical Booster Review

    A few months ago, I shot in a 600-yard benchrest match, and I was hooked, so I decided to build a dedicated long-range benchrest gun. Being on a tight budget, I had to build it with what money I could salvage together.When it came to scopes I would love to have a nice Nightforce scope, but they are completely out of my price range, and I would have to sell myself into slavery just to buy one. Therefore, I settled on the best I could afford and that was a Weaver T36. One day I was talking to a friend, and he suggested I look into an optical booster, for my T36, my friend acted as if he was very impressed with what he had seen in the performance of the Bulz Eye Pro booster, so that sent me on my journey of getting one.

    At first, I had a hard time locating the web site of the person that sold these optical boosters. I used a few different search engines, and never found anything when I typed in optical booster. I then placed a couple of threads up on some forum sites, and found what I was looking for, Bulz Eye Pro. At first, I was impressed with the compliments I got off the responses from the ads asking about the booster. People just could not say enough good things about this booster. I then opened up the web site and was very impressed with the layout and information contained in the web site. I read a fantastic story on how the product was developed from the works of a WWII vet and an Optometrist. This WWII vet was the grandfather of the present company's owners. The story further states the development of the optical booster, and its 60 plus years of development.

    After reading all the pages of the web site, it hit me; this was a product that had more uses for it than just for a benchrest shooter, that it had many uses for just about every shooter. That this product had uses for people that had medical conditions that affected eyesight, and the plain fact is that we are all getting older and our eyesight will change. I then remembered the last time I had an eye exam, the optometrist told me that as we get older our eyes loose elasticity and that though I had good vision, that when I do get older my vision will not be the same as it is now. I cannot recall how many times I have overheard shooters grumbling that they had a hard time seeing the target, at matches I have shot at. Could this be the great equalizer that many people look for?

    Other possibilities hit me, such as the person that is similar to my case that cannot afford the high power scopes, and would be able to get into the higher power using this product for cheaper than buying the higher power scope. I also thought of the person that has the old trusty scope that they do not want to get rid of, but would like more power to it. My mind keeps wondering on the possibilities of this product. I also saw on the web site that the lens would lesson the effect of mirage on the target and this feature truly excited me. Another feature that got me excited was learning that the lens is manufactured by Germany's premier optic manufacturers.

    The day after reading the web site, I excitedly called the phone number on the web site; to my surprise, I had directly contacted Gene Davis, the sole distributor for the United States, no answering machines, no operators, or third persons. I talked to Gene, and found that he was a shooter, so many times people developing products are not shooters, and I believe that a shooter knows more about what a shooter wants. Gene was coming back from shooting a rimfire match up at Camp Perry. I found Gene to be a very knowledgeable person that was very friendly. To my surprise I found out the shooters were using Genes products with 50-yard rimfire benchrest matches, another use for the product than I had thought of.

    Gene explained to me that he had two products, the first was the number one booster, and it is a 3x lens that would screw in the back of certain scopes. The other was the number two booster; it is a 4x with a rubber boot that pushes onto just about any scope. Gene stated that what I needed was the number one booster. Gene stated that the only scope he has had problems with was the Weaver T series, and it was due to the design and the variances of peoples eyes. Gene stated that the number one booster would boost my T36s power to 45 power and the number two would boost the same scope to 50 power. Gene stated that he had a full warranty, and if it did not work, he would send my money back. I then ordered a booster to try it out.

    The next day I received a package in the mail, and it was my booster. The packaging was just like what I had seen from pictures on the web site. The Booster arrived in a nice displayable cardboard backed blister package. I opened up the package, and carefully removed the lens, at first I was impressed with the clarity of the lens just looking at it. I then cleaned it up with an optical cloth, and installed it on my scope. The booster smoothly screwed onto the back of my scope. I noticed that with the Weaver scope I had to turn the eye piece all the way in to get the cross hairs dark and focused, this is exactly what Gene had told me would happen. I found that between the information obtained from the web site, and the instructions included in the package, every question I could think of was covered, and if there was, a question I could not find the answer to Gene was only a friendly phone call away. I was concerned that the booster would magnify the thickness of the cross hairs and the dot of my scope, but was relieved to see that the booster increases the clarity and size of the entire sight picture uniformly. (which includes the reticle) Now it is time to try this out at the range.

    I decided to use this booster at a local match that was coming up that had some different targets. The targets were a solid black crow at 200 yards and a white groundhog silhouette at 300 yards. My friend that suggested the Booster was at the match, and looked through my scope and said it looks just as good as a 45 power Leopold. I loved the booster at 300 yards, it sure made a big difference, I heard a lot of the shooters around me say that they were having a hard time of seeing the sighter dot, and I will say the booster helped me to see it. I found that the booster did not totally take away Mirage, but it did something else, it stops the target movement caused by mirage making it easier to read bullet drift. This was the first time I could truly tell what direction the mirage was going. My shots on the 300-yard target were very easy to see. So far, I was impressed with the booster, I spent a lot of time looking through the scope with the booster on and without it, and I can say that the overall effects were very good. I would soon try the booster on a 600-yard IBS target, my whole reason for wanting the booster.

    On the day of the 600-yard match I was stoked, I could not wait to see how the booster would perform. The day of the shoot was bright and sunny, with loads of mirage. I found the booster made a big difference in the magnification. With the sun behind the targets, I could not see the bullet hole, but when the sun started to get behind me, and the mirage would clear up I could see the bullet holes, in my target, they were faint, but they were there. I found out something I did not notice before using the booster, it cut the eye relief down, I had to get my eye closer to the scope to get a picture than without the booster. I got a chance to play around with the booster, putting it behind better scopes, and found that it was super impressive behind them. I found another shooter at the event that was also using one of Gene's boosters. There was another shooter there, which he was very impressed by the booster; and he stated he was going to buy one first thing the next week.

    To sum it all up, the booster was an excellent investment and does a great job. The booster will only magnify the quality of the scope, so the better the optics of the scope, the better the booster works. I did not have any problem with the brightness of the scope, or the thickness of the cross hairs, and found them to be the same as the scope without the booster. I found that the booster gives a bit of versatility to the person using a strait power scope to choose some of the magnification needed. I did notice that the eye relief was shorter, and I had to set my shoulder closer to the butt of the stock to act as a stop, so that the scope would not hit me in the eye, in recoil. I will say the booster did everything it claimed. I found Gene Davis to be a great wealth of knowledge, and one of the greatest retailers around, very easy to get a hold of, and just a real nice person. The web site is well designed and has a wealth of information on it. I would say overall that the booster is very extremely clear, well made, and a great valued product; I would highly recommend it to any shooter. Therefore, if you are just getting older and cannot see as well as you once did, or you are a shooter, and want to take advantage of higher magnification, I would say this is the product for you. I would say this product is the great equalizer that many people are looking for. There are many other reasons why a booster may be something you could use, and you will not find a better product, or distributor to deal with than Gene Davis.

    Gene Davis - Distributor
    3450 Pleasantville Rd. NE
    Pleasantville, Ohio 43148
    (740) 503-4486

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