• Savage Arms 1969 Catalog

    After a year of uncertainty from what was to come with the pending Gun Control Act of 1968, Savage Arms hit the ground running in 1969 with updates to several different models as well as a handful of brand new offerings. Those models getting updates included the Model 30's which now featured interchangeable barrels rather than the old fixed barrels, a new separate barrel selector for the Model 440 over-under shotgun, and updated styling on their Model 34, 46 and 65 bolt-action rimfires. New models for 1969 include three new over-under shotguns in the 330, 440T (trap) and 444, three new semi-automatic rimfire rifles in the Model 60, 88 and 90, and the new Anschutz Model 164.

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    1. wbm's Avatar
      wbm -
      Thanks for bringing back all those memories.
    1. yobuck's Avatar
      yobuck -
      That was about when I bought my first lefty bolt gun.
      Savage premier grade 110 in 30/06. From 20' away it looked like a Weatherby.
      Later I bought just a lefty barreled action in 300 win mag for under $100 from Savage.

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