• Savage Arms 1968 Catalog

    The year of 1968 was a quiet one for Savage Arms in terms of new models. This is most likely due to the uncertainty in the firearms market throughout the year as Congress was hard at work on drafting and passing the Gun Control Act of 1968. It makes sense that the firearms manufacturers were cautious about investing money in new models not knowing what the new rules and regulations might entail.

    As such, Savage limited themselves to two new models in the catalog for 1968, both of which were imports. The first new model was the Model 440 12-gauge over/under shotgun which was produced by Franbrica Bresciana Armi in Brescia, Italy. The second was the Anschutz Model 250 Match Air Rifle. For those who don't know, Savage Arms was the U.S. importer for Anschutz rifles and Eley ammunition from early 1960 through 1981.

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