• Introducing the New AccuFit System from Savage Arms

    The Savage Arms AccuFit system comes complete with multiple comb height options and butt pad spacers in the box so there’s nothing else to purchase separately.

    Hunters and shooters come in an infinite variety of sizes and shapes. Typical factory rifles do not. And that simple and usually overlooked fact is the biggest thing standing between shooters and hitting their mark.

    This concept is nothing new to competitive shooters. “They wouldn’t dream of shooting a rifle that doesn’t fit them properly,” says Beth Shimanski, Savage Arms® Senior Marketing Manager.

    She explains that a firearm’s length-of-pull—the distance from the buttstock to the trigger—must match the distance from the shooter’s inner elbow to the middle of their trigger finger. The comb should be high enough that the shooter’s eye is naturally aligned with the scope when their cheek is welded to the stock. If both of these critical dimensions are right, the shooter will have better control of the firearm and a clear, full scope picture the instant they bring the rifle to their shoulder.

    Three butt pad spacers and four different comb height options are included with all AccuFit equipped models.There’s nothing magical about fit that mechanically makes a rifle shoot any more accurately,” says Shimanski. “But the ability to quickly shoulder the rifle and confidently take the shot, versus struggling to line up the scope, can mean the difference between tagging a trophy and missing.

    That’s why Savage developed the all-new AccuFit system when rolling out the Model 110 platform. “We started thinking a lot more about the individual shooter—what their unique needs are and what drives them to ultimately go to a gunsmith. That’s when we decided to really raise the bar and make the gun fit better too, and the AccuFit system was born.

    AccuFit uses interchangeable components that allow hunters to custom-fit both comb height and length of pull without taking their rifle to the gunsmith. In fact, the only tool needed is a Phillips-head screwdriver.

    Comb height is controlled by five riser settings, adjustable in 1/8-inch increments. “Simply select the riser that creates cheek-to-stock contact and aligns your line of sight to the barrel or scope,” Shimanski explains.

    Length of pull is likewise fully adaptable to the shooter by using up to four ¼-inch inserts included with the rifle. This is especially useful to accommodate the differences in clothing worn on warm weather versus cold weather hunts, and the system doesn’t have bulky knobs that will snag on brush or gear.

    No matter which combination of adjustments you make, the system won’t become unbalanced. “It was engineered to maintain proper balance with the barrel, even at the highest riser setting and longest stock extension, so the rifle won’t become tail-heavy,” she says.

    Shimanski is convinced the system will help hunters and shooters of all stripes hit the mark. “There’s no doubt in my mind that shooters of all ability levels are going to be more consistent. AccuFit is a game-changer that will allow hunters to confidently make the toughest shots in all conditions.

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