• The Realities of Case Annealing

    Case annealing has come up more than a few times on our reloading forum, and even just recently we have had two or three threads dedicated to the topic. While many shooters prefer to just `load and shoot`, or better yet ‘buy and shoot`, for the precision reloader annealing their brass is very much a part of the reloading process.

    But is the extra effort really worth it? Does annealing really result in more consistent neck tension? That and other questions regarding the subject are what lead the manufacturer of the Annealing Made Perfect Induction Annealing Machine to conduct scientific testing with accredited laboratories to either validate or disprove their beliefs and theories on the subject. They then worked with Bill Gravatt and Mic McPherson to compile the data and put together the following technical write-up on their recent research and testing. In their own words:

    "We decided it was time to revisit the metallurgy of what we do to find the empirical evidence (if any) of the benefits of correct cartridge case neck and shoulder annealing. Specifically, is our annealing absolutely repeatable and consistent, and if so, does that result in more consistent “neck tension” for our customers?”

    The full technical report can be found on AMP's website using this link: Annealing Under the Microscope

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    1. JASmith's Avatar
      JASmith -
      Excellent discussion!

      The effect of carbon build up on pull force is rather interesting.

      Did I overlok the control tests? In particular, the variation of pull force between cases and from shot to shot when no annealing is done?

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