• Savage Centerfire Rebate Offer

    Centerfire Savings! Get $100 cash back when you purchase select Savage Arms rifles. Rebate includes 10/110 Tactical models, 10 Predator Hunter, 11/111 Long Range Hunter, 11/111 FCNS Hunter, 11 Scout and 16/116 Weather Warrior (excludes 10/110 BA models and Savage Ashbury Precision rifles.

    Savage Centerfire $100 Mail-In Rebate
    Valid for purchases made from April 15, 2017 through June 30, 2017.
    Rebate materials must be postmarked by July 30, 2017.

    Click link below for complete details.


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    1. big honkin jeep's Avatar
      big honkin jeep -
      Might want to include that the 16/116 lightweight hunters are also excluded from the current rebates. At least that's what I was told when I called.
    1. jpx2rk's Avatar
      jpx2rk -
      Anyone know if the 11VT model from Dick's is included in the rebate. Doesn't specifically include or exclude based on the rebate form.
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      The models included in the rebate are listed above and at the link. If it's not listed it's not eligible.

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