• Boyds Introduces Revolutionary At-One Adjustable Gunstock

    Boyds, the South Dakota-based maker of hardwood gunstocks, has introduced a new gunstock that lets one adjust the butt pad for length and the comb for proper cheek rest height at the push of a button. The At-One adjustable gunstock lets you precisely customize and fine-tune the fit of your firearm, depending on varying situations. At-One also lets you adjust your gun to fit other shooters.

    At-One’s “Bring-It” push-button adjustment technology is easy to use, elegant in its simplicity and completely reliable. And, it allows you to make adjustments in the field in seconds, without tools or hardware.

    The butt pad adjustment modifies the stock length from 12-1/2” – 14.” The comb adjustment has a 9/16” range. Together, these two adjustments allow any gun to fit anyone!

    The Boyds At-One gunstock is available for virtually all popular rifle models and in an array of eleven popular colors. Its forearm and grip are modular and can be quickly swapped out for a different shooting style. A lower butt stock piece protects against bumps and bruises. And, all At-One stocks come equipped with a single-point sling mount that, with the push of a button, can be moved to either side of the stock in seconds.

    As with all Boyds gunstocks, the At-One adjustable gunstock is constructed of top-grade laminated hardwood that is dried to exacting specifications to ensure rigidity and stability in your rifle. It’s also sealed with chemical-resistant finishes for long-lasting durability in all weather conditions.

    Says Dustin Knutson, Boyds’ General Manager, ”The At-One adjustable gunstock is one of the most exciting developments ever at Boyds. There has never been an adjustable stock of this quality anywhere near this price.”

    To learn more and see all the options, please visit http://atonegunstocks.com.

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    1. bsekf's Avatar
      bsekf -
      OK, Savage forum so I am asking about Savage. How much and have they decided to put pillars in this one?
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      Price looks to be $189.95 at the link in the article. Don't see an option to add pillars anywhere, so that will be a DIY.
    1. eyeman's Avatar
      eyeman -
      Bought one Not impressed I now have regrets, but Boyd says its custom so no returns.
    1. SageRat Shooter's Avatar
      SageRat Shooter -
      Quote Originally Posted by eyeman View Post
      Bought one Not impressed I now have regrets, but Boyd says its custom so no returns.
      I liked the idea of the adjustable butt stock, and the adjustable comb.... However, I thought everything forward of that was gimmicky, and after hearing that you can't alter a barrel channel to accommodate anything larger than what was specified, I'll stick with the tried and true laminates... What they should do is put the adjustable rear hardware on the regular stocks...

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