• 6.5 Guys Vistit Savage Arms at the 2017 SHOT Show (video)

    One of the great new things Savage Arms is doing to improve their product is collaborating with top tier competitive shooters in different disciplines to develop new product that is competition ready right out of the box. Savage started down this road back in 2007 when they first introduced the Model 12 Target Series rifles (F-Class and F-TR models), and while those early target rifles were geared towards specific shooting disciplines they still needed some upgrades to meet most shooters competitive needs. Enter Stan Pate and Patrick Kelly.

    Stan started his competitive shooting career early during his time in the Marine Corps, shooting service rifle as well as Bullseye Pistol disciplines. After the Marine Corps he found varying degrees of success shooting both as an individual and on State Teams both at the local and National levels. Stan has shot as a member and former Team Captain of Team Savage, a sponsored team as well as representing other companies in National and International competitions. In addition to taking the overall Bronze medal for 3rd place at the World Championships in 2009, Stan also won two individual gold medals as well as a silver medal for a daily aggregate, and was a shooting member and coach on the high Rutland Cup Team. He has over his career set 13 National Records as well as one World Record, some of which are still standing records. Stan is also the first F-TR competitor to be awarded the NRA's International Distinguished Rifleman Award.

    Patrick Kelly has been a competitive 3-gun shooter since 1999 and spent four years as a featured competitor on the 3-Gun Nation. Patrick has earned numerous first-place finishes at major 3-gun matches in 12 US states and Canadian provinces. He has mastered several shooting disciplines, from NRA Bullseye and Metallic Silhouette to the world of Practical Shooting. Patrick is also a member of the NRA 2600 Club and was ranked in the USPSA's top twenty early in his shooting career. In 2013 he took the individual gold medal in the IPSC Pan-American Shotgun Championship in Standard Manual division, and was part of the American Standard Manual National Team together with Jansen Jones, Joe Satterfield and Bryan Ray which placed first in the team classification.

    In the following video Patrick goes over the details and features of Savage's new MSR 10 Long-Range rifle with Ed from the 6.5 Guys, and Stan gives Ed a quick overview of the new Model 10 GRS.

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