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    The authors Savage Model 24V .222 Rem/20ga; manufactured in 1968

    The Savage Model 24 combination rifle/shotgun was in production for nearly 70 years (1938-2006). During it's lifespan Savage continually made changes to the Model 24's design resulting in numerous model and series groupings. The information below is a brief account of those groupings as originally drafted by odell23 and published on the CylinderSmith.com website.

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    Savage Model 24V in .222 Rem./20ga manufactured in 1968

    The little Stevens and later Savage combination guns in .22-410 originated in either 1938 or 1939 (references differ) as the Stevens No. 22-410. The gun resembled the typical break open single barrel gun of the era except that it had a slender second barrel on top of the shotgun barrel. The lower barrel was chambered
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    Did you know that Savage Arms was the first firearms manufacturer to make a dedicated left-hand pump-action shotgun?

    Prior to 1960, if you were a left-handed shooter and wanted a repeating shotgun that didn't spit shells out in your face you had very few options. Aside from break-actions, the only real option available was the Ithaca Model 37.
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    Over the years Savage, Stevens and Fox each offered various models of side-by-side shotguns. From the bare-bones, no-frills Stevens 311 to the more elegant and refined Fox models such as the B-DL and B-SE, each proved to be a durable, reliable field gun that has served hunters and shooters for decades - even generations.
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    The Fox FA-1 semi-auto shotgun sold by Savage in 1981 and 1982 was made by KTG in Japan. FA-1 stood for Fox Automatic #1 and it featured a rounded rear receiver top similar to the Remington 1100. The FA-1 was only offered in 12-gauge with either a 28" Modified or 30" Full choke vent rib barrel - both of which were chambered for 2 3/4" shells. Overall length was 47 3/4" to 50 1/2" depending on the barrel, the length of pull was 14", and the weight was listed as 7 1/2-lbs. ...

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