• M110 Ejector Disassembly

    The following information was pulled from a thread on the forum pertaining to a stuck ejector and how to resolve the issue by removing the retaining pin, ejector pin and spring. Click the link at the bottom of this piece to view the full discussion on the forum.

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    I was at the range last weekend shooting some reloads and one of them blew the primer out jamming the ejector pin all the way back. I don't know if the spring has collapsed or not but there is a piece of brass about half way down the pin jamming it in place. Can anyone offer a suggestion on freeing up the pin? I tried using a pick but it's too deep for that. I haven't removed the retaining pin because I'm afraid the extractor pin has a load on it and I'm not keen on loosing an eye.
    First of all you have to remove the retaining pin with a pin punch, nail or something similar. Place the bolt head face down on a rag or paper towel then tap the pin out toward the relief cut.

    When you lift the bolt head the ejector and spring will be laying on the rag or towel......MAYBE!

    If not then you can try dripping Kroil, Liquid Wrench or a similar penetrating oil in and allow it to work a few minutes then slam it face down on a block of wood to free it. Fred (Sharpshooter) has had luck using a engraving tool to vibrate them loose.

    Short of that you may have to visit you local friendly gunsmith or machine shop to have it removed.


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