• Center-feed Magazine Timeline

    Below is the timeline in which Savage made the change from the old stagger-feed magazine system to the new center-feed magazine system. The change-over was drawn out over the course of four years which in many cases makes it difficult to say whether any particular rifle equipped with a blind magazine from those years would have a staggered or center-feed magazine.

    2005 - The centerfeed system debuted on select models (Model 14/114 American Classic, Model 10FCM Sierra, Model 11/111FCNS & GCNS, and select Model 16/116 Weather Warriors). All center-feed models were limited to detachable-box magazine (DBM) for this year.

    2006 - Saw the introduction of the center-feed hinged floor plate (HFP) on select models (Model 16/116FHSAK & FHSS, 14/114 Classic, and 11/111FHNS & GHNS). DBM models were also added to the package gun line-up (Model 11/111FCXP3).

    2007 - HFP models were expanded to include the 16/116FLHSS. DBM models were expanded into the Law Enforcement line to include the 10FCP-HS Precision, 10FCP-Choate, and 10FCP-McMillan.

    2007 & 2008 - During this two-year time span rifles equipped with a blind magazine were slowly being switched over from staggered-feed to center-feed. The timing of this change for the various models had more to do with when they ran out of inventory on the old parts (magazine boxes and stocks) than anything else. The Stevens 200's were the last to be converted to the new center-feed system in mid-late 2008.

    2009 - By the start of production for the 2009 model year all Savage and Stevens models had been converted to the new center-feed magazine system.

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    1. Brokebonez's Avatar
      Brokebonez -
      This is untrue my savage 110 was bought in 2012 and its stagger feed.
    1. J.Baker's Avatar
      J.Baker -
      Just because you bought it in 2012 doesn't mean it was made in 2012. It's not uncommon for guns to sit on the shelves in a dealers back room for years, even decades sometimes. Heck, just in the past month we had a member post on here that he found a couple old flat-back, pre-AccuTrigger rilfes brand new in the box while going through and cleaning out the inventory room at the gun shop he works at, and such examples haven't been made singe the end of 2002.
    1. jh6717's Avatar
      jh6717 -
      I've seen a few stagger feed Savages w/ Accutrigger floating around still at Walmart and Sports Authority.

      It can take awhile to turn over inventory sometimes unless it's a high volume retailer like Bass Pro, Cabelas, or Sportsman's Warehouse.

      In 2007 I bought a Rem 700 in .270 Win on a closeout at Walmart for $299.00. When I got it home and dated the barrel codes, the date of manufacture was August 1987. So that one might have sat in a Wally World warehouse for nearly 20 years. (It also shoots better than the new Remingtons.)

      In 2011 I purchased a pre accutrigger flat back on Gunbroker from a gun store in Minnesota. (Had to have been made in 2002 or earlier.) It was brand new, in box, with sticker attached, and literature looped through the trigger guard.

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