• Burris Signature Zee Ring Heights & Shim Info

    The following heights are specific for Burris' Signature Zee (Weaver style) rings.

    One-Inch Rings
    Medium = 0.270"
    High = 0.420"

    Available Inserts: 0, 5, 10 and 20

    30mm Rings
    Low = 0.140"
    Medium = 0.180"
    High = 0.300"
    X-High = 0.580"

    Available Inserts: 0 and 10

    All measurements are from the base of the ring (the part that rests atop the rail) to the bottom of the scope tube.

    Inserts will move the Point of Impact (POI) an equal number of inches at 100 yards as the number of the insert. I.E. #10 inserts will move the POI approximately 10" at 100 yards.

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