• Mark II Weak Magazine Spring Fix

    Various threads have been posted about MKII feed issues. Common solutions have been to either tweak the magazine lips or to cannibalize another magazine and double up the springs to provide more pressure on the follower. Instead of ruining a perfectly good magazine to salvage the spring, I decided to purchase some springs from Wolff Springs.

    Here is the link:

    You can purchase either 1, 3, or 10 .22 magazine springs at a reasonable price (compared to purchasing a magazine). I purchased a set of three springs and the cost was $17.29 plus $3.99 shipping and $1.28 sales tax ($22.56 total) shipped to my mailbox.

    Each spring is long enough to replace two 5-round magazine springs or one 5-round and one 10-round spring. I have replaced one of each and they seem to function well, but I have not yet taken the rifle with the newly refurbished magazines to the range. The 5 round magazine is harder to load as it has the original spring plus the Wolff spring in it. The Ten round magazine only has the Wolff spring installed. The Wolff springs are definitely stronger than the Savage factory springs.

    The information contained in this article and the attached video are for educational purposes only. Should you choose to use this information to alter or modify your firearm you do so of your own accord. In doing so you accept full responsibility for any adverse affects, damages, injuries and/or death that may occur as a result.

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    1. boxcar77's Avatar
      boxcar77 -
      Thanks for posting this!
    1. onegreatshot's Avatar
      onegreatshot -
      On the topic of magazines, why do they cost so much over other brands?? Can't be material, not that much there. Can't be labor for assembly, stamped parts and machine assembeled. Only conclusion is that a lot of Savage Mark II and 93's are being pourchased andextra mag's wanted. Any thoughts?????

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