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    Lately there have been a few threads asking about identifying the new or old MKII and 93 actions. Savage used to make two different receivers/actions. One for the MKII (.22lr or .17hm2) and one for the 93 series guns (.22mag or .17hmr). Sometime in the past year or so Savage started making the "E-Receiver". The e-receiver is now used for all of the 4 common rimfire calibers. Here are some pictures that show the past and present guns.

    The top gun is an old style MKII F in .22lr. The bottom gun is an e-receiver MKII F in .22lr. Some of the changes are:
    *The e-receiver is 7 3/4" long vs 7 1/8" for the old MKII and 93 receivers.
    *The ejection port is roughly 1.66" long on the e-receiver vs. 1.39" long for the old MKII receiver. The old 93 receivers had a 1.6" long ejection port.
    *The e-receiver has a gas escape hole on either side, just forward of the bolt. The old MKII receivers did not have this hole but the ...
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    Just bought new 17hmr and first 4 shells would not eject. Had to use my knife to remove the casings. Now 1 out of 7 will not eject. I am shooting Hornady 17 grain Vmax. Also had 2 misfires from a box of 50.But they did fire after I ran thru the gun a second time. Has anyone else had this problem?