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    Action screw lengths:

    Short set...used on "F"(tupperware stocks)
    rear-1.510" ...
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    Lately there have been a few threads asking about identifying the new or old MKII and 93 actions. Savage used to make two different receivers/actions. One for the MKII (.22lr or .17hm2) and one for the 93 series guns (.22mag or .17hmr). Sometime in the past year or so Savage started making the "E-Receiver". The e-receiver is now used for all of the 4 common rimfire calibers. Here are some pictures that show the past and present guns. ...
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    Just bought new 17hmr and first 4 shells would not eject. Had to use my knife to remove the casings. Now 1 out of 7 will not eject. I am shooting Hornady 17 grain Vmax. Also had 2 misfires from a box of 50.But they did fire after I ran thru the gun a second time. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    2003 - Savage introduced their new ACCU-TRIGGER. Besides the trigger change, the receiver now has a round top in the rear scope base area which uses the same base in the rear as in the front. The Weaver #46 base will fit both ends as well as the #402 extension base if you have a need for mounting extremely long or short tube scopes.
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    Here are some of the different bolt head configurations used in the last several years and the most current.

    L to R
    short action (7/16" lugs)
    short action
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    The following measurements depict the various screw spacing on Savage 110 centerfire actions over the years. All measurements are center-to-center.
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    Savage Barrel Shank Sizes - standard on left, large on right.

    In 2002 Savage began offering rifles in the Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) and Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) calibers. When these were finally in the catalog, there was a change made to the barrel shank diameter. Standard barrel shank diameter on standard calibers are 1.055" x 20tpi. On the new WSM, RUM, and SAUM calibers the shank diameter is 1.120" x 20tpi. ...

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