View Full Version : 516 SAK striker barrel large or small shank?

02-27-2011, 10:09 PM
Does anyone know if this is a large or small shank?

New, stainless steel, factory original barrels with 1.050" diameter threads. These 12-1/4" barrels are threaded for a 9/16" x 28 TPI adjustable muzzlebrake, which is not included. Instead, a factory thread protector has been installed, making the overall length 13-3/4". The pistol can be safely fired with the thread protector in place. Available in the following calibers. Quantities are limited. Note: Barrels should always be installed by a qualified gunsmith.

It looks like it has the large shank step up in front of the threads and it is a 300 wsm.

02-27-2011, 10:18 PM
According to the description it says it has 1.05" threads, so that would make it a small shank.

But looking at the picture it definately does have the step down like a large shank barrel, but I think the picture is just there for reference. It may not be the actual barrel in question.

I would go by the thread size they have listed, which is small shank. If you get it and it turns out to be large shank then they are at fault for giving false information in their listing, in which I am sure they would take it back. Or atleast they should.

Couldnt you just call them and ask them? Probably be your best bet just to be sure.