View Full Version : building a stock?

01-13-2019, 10:05 PM
So I am revisiting and hoping to actually get my rifle built this time. Today, I was looking for stocks and went to the Boyd Stocks website and watched there video on Stock LOP. I used this method and came up with needing a 2" spacer for the but stock and even that was about an inch short. Considering I will be wearing some heavy hunting shirts/coat, I am going to use the 2 1/8" spacer block as it. But this makes my LP about about 15 1/8". But it's the best I have ever felt so far too. I need to drill the block for holes and then take it out and shoot it first though.

My issue is. When I get situated on the rifle, I grab the pistol grip and my finger naturally buries itself up to the 2nd joint very easily. Totally making life uncomfortable.

I can't find any information on measuring the length for pistol grip to trigger or setting that information up.

Any body got some insight or direction to go?