View Full Version : X-Caliber Small Shank RHB LV Contoured Barrel Blank - 245 shipped

02-26-2017, 02:02 PM
We are pleased to announce X-Caliber has sent a crate of custom contoured RHB Light Varmint barrel blanks for Savage and Remage pre-fit barrels. The shank diameter is 1.075" with a straight taper to .800" at 27" on a 28" blank. These are perfect for your next Savage or Remage build. The blanks are contoured (RHB LV) but are NOT threaded and NOT chambered. Here is your chance to pick up a ready to build X-Caliber blank for less than you can buy direct with no lead time! We now have a revolving account with X-Caliber and will be a stocking dealer for shooters looking for a source of in stock contoured blanks ready to ship! Other gunsmiths are encouraged to contact us and we offer a discount on (5) barrels or more. Mix and match calibers if needed. We will have more X-Caliber blanks coming and those will be our custom #4 contour (.685 at 26") on a 28" blank. Keep an eye out on us as our inventory is growing and the turn over rate is improving... Thank you to all of the shooters that have been supporting us!

We have in stock ready to ship:

.224 8 twist 3 grove
6mm/.243 8 twist 5r
6.5/.264 8 twist 5r
7mm/.284 8 twist 5r
.308 10 twist 5r
.338 9 twist 6 grove

Many of the above blanks have been sold via pre-order but we still have a fair amount ready to ship that are remaining. We are expecting a run every month with X-Caliber so if you miss out on this batch we will be receiving more every 30 days!

Send an email to bookredsox@gmail.com to get a list of the current inventory as it does change fair quickly...