View Full Version : Range trip #5 with 6BR...I might be done.

05-31-2010, 11:39 AM
Based on my last session, I settled on two final loads and set out to test seating depths. I tried to follow some advice and removed my sling studs from the stock. The 107 smk has gotten real consistent. The 105 vld seems more picky, but shows some real promise.

Here is the first load...30g Re15 with 107 smk. I started with a .025 jump and worked up to a .015 jam in .005 increments. Looks like I will go with the .25 jump as this has been consistently good load the last two trips. I feel like I need to try a .030 jump, because I haven't tried it yet.
The next load... 29.7g Varget with 105 Berger VLD hunting bullet. This was not so good, but got real tight all of the sudden when jumped .011. Is this typical when the sweet spot is found? This load may warrant some more testing. I started out jamming at .005, .010 and .015, but these seemed to prefer the .011 jump.

I'm going to try the two best loads out at 3-400yds later this week.

05-31-2010, 12:28 PM
Now your doing what alway's work's for me when I'm working with new bullet weight's. I used to chase powder charge's and it drove me nut's. I pick a powder charge and do the bullet seating thing, save's a bunch of time. May not work for everybody though. Read's like your more happy, have fun ;D Can't wait till I have the fund's to build one.

05-31-2010, 04:21 PM
Looks like your on the right track. Something else ... how often are you cleaning and how many shots are you taking to foul the barrel back in? May be cleaning too often or not often enough. Also you may not be fouling the barrel back in if cleaning often. Not saying your going about it wrong by no means, but its something to consider. Going out in distance is where the VLD bullets should start to shine. Im sure you`ll get it all worked out. Good luck !

06-01-2010, 08:54 AM
That's looking pretty good. Next time out check to see if the load is repeatable, then call it good and focus on shooting.

The 107's may respond to more jump - just be aware that you can get pressure signs from increasing the jump also (takes up case volume) if you're starting with a packed case. I don't shoot 6BR so don't know where you are with respect RL15 and case capacity - just thought I'd mention it....

On the 105 Berger's, there's an interesting read on Berger's web site about shooters finding accuracy nodes WAY OFF the lands, like 40 and 50 thou; it might be worth using their suggested approach to hone in on it. I've always shot them jammed in 243 and 260, but did have a 22-250 that shot them really well with a jump - haven't shot it in awhile and can't recall the seating depth.