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03-16-2014, 04:28 PM
The iTrader mod isn't 100% compatible with our version of vBulleting (4.2.2), and as such it may not function in the same manner as you might be used to on some other sites using it. Due to this incompatibility we are unable to include a "Rate Transaction" link in the actual classified ad thread, nor can we mandate that a link to the ad be included in the feedback submission. As a result of these two limitations the only way to access the iTrader system to leave feedback for someone is through their profile using the following directions.

Leaving Feedback with iTrader

1. In the Postbit (the area with the persons username, avatar, etc), left-click on their username and select "View Profile"



2. On the persons Profile main page, click on the "Feedback Score" tab to display it.



3. To leave feedback, click on the blue "Submit Feedback For [username] text to open the feedback submission page.



4. Complete the feedback submission form:


Line 1: Specfiy whether you were the buyer, the seller, or if the transaction was a trade.
Line 2: Specify your overall experience; Positive(+), Neutral (-0-), or negative (-)
Line 3: Delete anything in this line and leave it blank
Line 4: Short feedback comment (required) i.e. Great Seller A+++
Comment Box: Additional comments (optional) where you can include additional details and info.

NOTE: If you leave someone negative feedback you best be sure to include a good explanation as to why you are leaving them negative feedback. All negative feedback posts get CC'd to the Administrators.


5. Click the "Submit Reply" button at the bottom of the page to leave your feedback.



This feedback system is only available to Paid Members, Advertisers, Administrators and Moderators (those usergroups who have access to the classifieds).

05-12-2016, 10:30 AM
Following my most recent use of the feedback system, I noticed that the number of feedback scores do not appear to be updating in the postbit. This appears to be happening for both the buyer and seller of the transaction. Just wondering if I have unknowingly flipped a switch somewhere.

Edit: Further research indicates that the rating person probably failed to complete line 2. My guess is that the "overall experience" box was not checked either way, hence nothing added to the talley in the postbit. Sorry for hassle.